Being effective in this transition in the coming years will also facilitate the efforts to develop mid to long term solutions for decarbonisation of the harder-to-abate sectors, such as heavy-industries or aviation.

Solar thermal systems do not produce any emission nor hazardous materials while in operation, and their components are almost entirely recyclable. In the context of the Green Deal it is clear that non-harmful solutions, such as solar heat, are needed.

There are more than 10 million solar thermal systems in operation in Europe, corresponding to over 36 GWth of local heat generation capacity. This sector has over 19 000 direct jobs, mostly in SMEs, which bring an added-value at local level, spread all over Europe. The turnover of the European solar thermal industry is estimated at over 2 billion euros. Annually, this industrial sector contributes to a CO2 emission reduction of over 6.8 Mt, while providing the equivalent of 25.6 TWhth of thermal energy.